On Tuesday, May 10, the Florida Chapter of IFDA held a fundraising event for the benefit of Joran Frogner. The event, an Art Treasure Hunt, was held at the Gallery Center located at 608 Banyon Trail in Boca Raton. Strolling through the beautiful art galleries while sipping champagne and enjoying the wonderful hors d’oeuvres from Gourmet Adventures, clues led all on an exciting treasure hunt.

This successful event was the result of our hard working President Elect Beverly Stewart and VP of Programs, Lynn Sciarrone. The story of Joran Forgner, the daughter of an interior designer in Boynton Beach, touched everyone’s heart.

Joran Frogner, a beautiful, vibrant 20 year old, was an after school teacher and less than 5 minutes from home when the life she knew and loved was forever changed. The impact of her small Toyota with a Chevy Tahoe resulted in a horrific accident. Joran held on to the steering wheel with all her strength, bending the steering wheel in half and shattering her wrist. Her head hit the dashboard and the femur bone in her leg shattered. Her injuries were beyond description and multiplied as the days passed. Her brain injury as a result of a hemorrhagic stroke has left her in need of 24 hour care. Insurance has run out and Joran will not qualify for Medicare for almost 2 years. As a result, her mother has had to close her business to devote her time to care for Joran. Medical bills are in the millions and the cost of diapers, medications and supplements run into thousands per month. As of now, Joran is non-communicative and her every need has to be cared for. Joran was at the event. When you looked at this still beautiful young woman and her devoted mother, it was heart breaking.

A special trust has been set up in her name at Wachovia Bank for those who would like to make a contribution. The proceeds from the event will help and hopefully make a small difference to this tragic story.