This section of our Florida Chapter Blog will be a forum for discussion of various topics of interest to us all.  From social media, to marketing, to working with clients, to current challenges, to the latest trends and beyond, we will chat about anything that strikes our fancy.  Here we especially encourage comments, feedback, shared experiences and words of wisdom.  Hopefully we will spark lively on-going discussions we will all enjoy.

If you are experiencing something that you would like member feedback on, please let us know by writing in the comment box below and we will start a discussion.  Maybe you saw something on the IFDA  LinkedIn Group that you would like to expand on or read an article you want to share about.  Do you have any topics you would like to explore?  Let us know and we will do just that.

A blog is not just a place where we write and you read.  It is a place for open dialogue.   We encourage you all to share your own ideas and experiences in the comment box below.