Is Social Media taking over your life?  Do you Facebook, Link In, Tweet and Instagram? Are you a blogger?  Do you Pin? Are you a Pro on Houzz?  Do you have a current website?  It all makes my head spin!

These days it seems that if you are not on some kind of social media you are lost in the dark ages.  I have attended webinars and seminars on many of the above.  Each time I gain a little more information and a little more courage to forge ahead and see how I can make social media work for my business.

How about you?  Let’s take a poll.  What social media forms do you find most productive for business?  How have you used it to bring in new business or do you use it mostly to connect with current clients?

So far I find that my business has not gained any new clients from any of the areas that I participate in, or so I may think (see below).  Certainly the time I spend is not as productive in that way as I hope.  I can easily spend hours on social media forum.  That said, at one seminar the instructor said you have to go where your clients go.  If they are on social media then that is where you need to have a presence, because your competitors do.  So that encourages me to stay as current as I can and be available on the web.  You just never know where your next client may come from.

That means when getting to know a client it is important to find out what social media areas they like the best.  Do they have a Facebook page? Are they on LinkedIn?  You know they will go check you out as soon as they can and we can do the same.  Do your google your clients?

While I say I have not gotten new clients from social media it has been a way for me to keep in touch with not just my clients but other industry professionals as well.  I recently did get a referral from an old client who I have not seen in person in over a year but I do see her on Facebook.  I think just staying connected to her in that way kept her thinking about me and may have  prompted that referral!

Our chapter blog is a forum for sharing ideas and experiences.  How are you making socila media work for you?  What reservations might you have about using it?  We invite you to express your thoughts in the comment box below, after all we are on social media right now!  We look forward to hearing from you.