Beverly Stewart has been a design professional for many years and is a  long time IFDA member.  She has been an outstanding  president for our  Florida Chapter and now we get to know her even better as she  answers a  few questions for our blog.

Where did you grow up?

In Detroit,Michigan.
When and why did you move to Florida?
I moved in 1989. My signifigant other had a job opportunity, and I have always wanted to move to a warm climate.
How did you get started in Interior Design?
I always loved to re-arrange furniture and put colors together. In elementary school, we were asked to do a project, I made an entire house from cardboard, including the furniture. I used scrap fabrics for the upholstery.
What inspires you? Where do you get most of your inspiration?
Colors and shapes. An accessory or painting.
Tell us about one of your biggest accomplishments or design success stories.
I did a home in Vienna,Austria and a home in Eleuthra,Bahamas, one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s students was the architect.
What”s on your bucket list?
Going to Israel and Japan.
Complete these sentences:
I dream of ,,,doing a vacation home in Europe of my own.
I wish I could… start my career over, just to know what I know now!
Something most people don’t know about me is… I used to be very shy.
What keeps me busy (or what do I like to do) when I am not working is…
spending time with my grand children, and to travel.
I enjoy being a member of IFDA because: I love the friends I’ve made, and the education I’ve received in my field. There is always something new to learn.
The best part of being President of IFDA is(or was) opening doors for me, and watching others bloom and grow, and get excited about things they love to do, Finding their Forte!
Thanks Beverly, it is wonderful to learn more about you.  A big thank you from all our Florida Chapter members for the incredible  job you have done as our dedicated president.