So here it is, 2014, a new year.  It’s a great time to set goals, get organized and refocus on what you really want to accomplish, both personally and professionally.  Do you make New Years resolutions?  If you do, what resolutions do you have for your business or professional career this year?

I have never been as goal oriented as some.  I admire goal setters.  I do think they have a better chance at achieving their goals or at least making some changes than those who don’t.  There are guidelines for setting goals like, make it reasonable, give it a time frame and even tell someone else so you become accountable.  I have also heard that since it is your goal you can be the one to change or modify it.  Oh, and don’t forget to reward yourself as you accomplish your goals!  I think that is why organizations like Weight Watchers are  so successful.

A goal, however, is not necessarily the same as a resolution.  So, what sort of resolutions do I want to make for my business this year?  Sometimes they tend to be the same each year, like, get organized (a goal) or be more organized (a resolution).  Perhaps that is too general. Maybe if I outlined a plan for how I wanted to be organized and projected how it would make my life better, even to the point of visualizing it,  that would help get me going.

I am going to start with my car.  Some days I live in my car not only do I collect water bottles and coffee cups, client files and catalogues, but  at any given time carpet, tile, cabinet doors,  paint samples,  fabrics etc find their way to my trunk.  Does this sound at all familiar?


Let’s see, paint deck, bag of fabric samples, extra jackets, shelves that were supposed to have come with a credenza that never made it and had to be reordered, got”em.


IMG_6288 - Copy

Large paint swatches, client’s pillow that needs to go with a new bedspread, fabric books to return, bag of more fabric samples, pillow shams so I can look for bedroom furniture, carpet remnants…..and more. Is there help for the unorganized?

So, what’s in it for me?  What difference would it make if my car was organized?  Many times that is where I start my day.  I load up and off I go.  If my car was clean, inside and out, and organized it would make me feel less stressed.  Maybe if the back of my SUV had a container for me to put my “stuff” in I could keep track of things better.  When an occasional client were to ride in my car, I would not have to clear a place for her/him and apologize for the “mess”.  This sounds like something I can actually accomplish.   So, I am going to start small, with my car, and then who knows what’s next!


Look at that clean trunk. It is so organized. Wow, what an accomplishment! I should feel great, right?

But wait.  Is that really MY trunk?


NO! That is IFDA Florida Chapter member Susan Heller’s trunk! Boy is that impressive. Thanks for the inspiration Sue! (Susan is also our V.P. for Education)

Other things I would like to accomplish is to have a more professional website and increase my Social Media skills.  For me I know if I start thinking about everything at once I become overwhelmed and stop before I get started.

What changes would you like to make in your professional life?  Is there something you have been putting off? Now might be the perfect time to take on that task.

Setting goals or intentions, making resolutions or even simple changes can all have a big impact.  We can  do this for the other areas of our lives like IFDA!  What  ideas do you have about how we can make our Florida IFDA Chapter even better?  How do you feel about this New Years tradition?

We invite you to share your experiences and ideas about this post in the comment box below.  We look forward to hearing from you.