Are you a Square user?  Have you even heard of it?  I bet you have seen that little white square some merchants have attached to their smart phone or tablet.  What is it and how the heck does it work?

I have been in business for over 30 years and have never taken a credit card.   Once in a while a client may ask if I do take them but so far it has not interfered with a client making a purchase.  If  it was essential I might have the client pay the vendor directly with their credit card and then bill separately for my fee.

However, recently a client who lives out of state, said, I wish you would take my American Express card so I could just give it to you and you could put everything on my account!   We had done a job previously with her and everything had to go through the business accountant and took weeks for payments to arrive.  This really appealed to me and my business partner.  So we are now signed up for Square.

Everything can be done on line.  Go to (do not go to THE Square….not the same website) and follow their directions.  They have a great help section as well.  Basically you can use it with a smart phone or tablet.  You will need a  a tablet or cell phone with a wifi connection.

You will also need to register with, yes another new password, as well as information like your social security number, business identification number, your routing number for your checking account etc.  The funds are transferred directly into your checking account the next business day.

You do not have to sign up with any merchant account or credit card company….none!  Square accepts them all.

So, ok, you are wondering, what does this cost?  Almost all transactions incur a 2.75% fee.  Square will deduct the fee and deposit the rest into your account. If you physically have the card you just run it through.  If you have to punch in the numbers you would pay 3.5% for that purchase instead of the 2.75%.   It sounded pretty easy so I gave it a try.  I downloaded the app on my iphone,  registered on line, and ordered my free Square.  It came in a few days.

I opened the app, slid my client’s credit card through the slot, and entered the amount. She signed with her finger then I selected “email receipt” and clicked done!  Ta Da!  The transaction went into “pending” in my checking account.  It took a day or so to finalize with the 2.75% deducted.  Easy breezy.


Do any of you already accept credit cards?  Do you use Square?  How do you like it?  How do your think  it would  add to your bottom line?  Do you think taking credit cards makes it easier for clients to spend more?  Would it help your cash flow to be able to accept credit cards?  (You wouldn’t have to wait for a client to send a deposit, pay a balance or a design fee.)

Square also offers a way to have an on line store!  There is even a way to do Pay Pal.

 There are other benefits as well but for me I am trying to take it one transaction at a time.

Please share your thoughts and experiences in the comment box below.  Let’s open up a discussion on Square and see what everyone has to say.