IFDA photo of Caroline





Where did you grow up….or where did you acquire that  lovely accent?

I grew up in Hampsted, London, UK

When and why did you move to Florida?

Actually I left London when I was 17 to go to Berkley, California; eventually/ultimately  it was a design project that brought me to Florida via Arizona. A Singapore company had patented monolithic structures and my task was to design interiors with native indigenous product. Very challenging.

How did you get started in this industry? 

If I tell you my family might be hauled off and incarcerated. I realize I was forced into child labour…. I worked in family’s architectural firm as a baby; at least that’s my recollection.
Pretty matriarchal group. It was great-grand mere who started architectural firm. How amazing is that??

What inspires you ?  From where do you get much of your inspiration?

It was and is always colour; that’s what triggers my mojo :). My first sense of inspiration came from scary competitive family. Although I would describe less like inspiration and more like terror! I think they wrung whatever juice there was out of me. Nice picture right? I could describe shade of juice though: sunset shades of mango and Meyer lemons.
Oh you thought I was kidding??

Tell us about one of your biggest accomplishments or success stories in this trade.

I think my biggest accomplishment is that I went on to practice design despite the family’s disapproval and have loved/love it and all Its challenges. Equally big accomplishment was wrestling with long fur coated dowager at Paris flea market. I swear she set her terrifying 2″ poodle on me. I was determined to buy those 2 sconces!  Guess who won? 

Biggest success ……maybe wonderfully challenging project I had that was being televised while Plumbers were hiding under sink, with no air conditioning and no running water. Charming!! I had to go on air in my 36 hour old working garb; no time to change. I looked delightful and very shiney. The show had to go on and so it did. Oy! 

What’s on your bucket list?  I’m lucky enuf to have lived and live an extremely full life, thankfully. I can’t fess up to half of what I’ve done; lets just say not too many unturned pages. My thrill today is witnessing our wonderful grandbebes taking in all the glories life has to offer.

 IFDA cowboy

               Just can’t imagine where he got his genes and hopefully jeans really soon !!!


IFDA angel bebe

                                                          Angel Bebe likes to kiss Boyz

What a wonderful glimpse into our fabulous new President (and her precious Grandbebes).  Wouldn’t we all love to know more about that tv program with the plumber hiding under the sink!


An eclectic interior by Caroline at Panache Designs….lucky clients!




Thanks so much to Caroline  for sharing her fascinating story(and precious Grandbebes). with us.  It is delightful getting to know our esteemed  Madam President!