The Florida Chapter members are thrilled to be a part of the 2014 Take a Seat Charity Event which will take place  from October 1 through October 11.  Our TAS committee is meeting regularly to get our event under way.  President Caroline Rogow and Events VP, Lynn Sciarrone, participate in weekly conference calls and keep us informed with the latest updates.  The message from this week’s call is that, we must make it a fun experience for all.

One week we met at the Decorative Crafts Showroom in DCOTA (Design Center of the Americas).  The showroom manager Carol Teti-Keesler  was a wealth of information and we all enjoyed brainstorming about how to get the designer showrooms involved in our TAS effort.


 Above, Lynn Sciarrone,  Carol Teti-Keesler,  Decorative Crafts Showroom Manager….and our newest IFDA member! Marsha Koch, Vicki Kirsner, Beverly Stewart,  Caroline Rogow, Chapter President,  Elizabeth Zecca,  Michael Alexander,  past IFDA Chapter President who has returned to IFDA as a new member!


 The beautiful Decorative Crafts Showroom was such an elegant setting for our TAS committee meeting.  We were so absorbed with all the creative ideas of our members that we hardly noticed the time. Four hours flew by!  In the photo above Susan Heller, who is our liaison with Habitat for Humanity has traded places with the photographer.

Not only did Carol decide to join, on the spot, but Vicki Kirsner our Treasurer processed her membership on our new Pay Pal credit card reader called PayPal Here, for taking payments via Pay Pal on a smart phone or tablet!  Thanks so much to Vicki for setting that up for us.  Now we can take payments at our events as well.

Carol has also offered to help us promote IFDA in the local design community by inviting us to participate in the events she sponsors at her showroom. (Be sure to see the schedule of events posted on our website.)  We will have a presence at each seminar where we can introduce IFDA and also share our excitement about TAS.  Thank you Carol for being so supportive.  We welcome both our new members.  Carol and Michael are brimming with ideas and inspirations that are sure make TAS a huge success.

Stay tuned for many more posts and updates.  The exciting plans for this multi-chapter event are underway!