You know that phenomenon that happens when you decide you want something like a red sports car and then you  start seeing them everywhere?  That’s happening to me right now with chairs. Not only am I spotting chairs by the side of the highway and wanting to slam on my breaks and throw them in my car, but my eyes zero in on any article or ad that focuses on chairs.

No, this is not one of my roadside pick ups, but maybe it was another Take a Seat chair designer!

One day my design partner and I were cleaning out a condo our client had bought furnished. She was getting rid of a pair of fabulous Victorian chairs. I had to wrestle with taking these beauties home for my Take a Seat project.  But I decided donating them to Habitat for Humanity was another great way to support our cause.


Other than changing the seat fabric, this cutie pie is lovely just the way it is….or maybe not? What would you do?

But look what else I found that might become part of my entry. These drapery panels might be the perfect thing. What do you think?


These plain white duck panels are almost like a blank canvas….hmmmm.

Just when I thought covering a chair with old drapery fabric was such an original idea, I got this image in an email from House Beautiful. The designer had covered the chair in the foreground in her old drapery fabric! Maybe she should join us in Take a Seat!

Upcycling or repurposing is not only environmentally responsible but totally creative and fun. Combining it all with raising funds for our local Veterans and their families through Habitat for a Humanity makes it a huge WIN WIN.

I found these chairs on Pinterest.  Aren’t they are  incredible?  What creativity!

Nothing like being surrounded by the books you love. Don’t have space for a bookcase? Here’s a brilliant solution!


Chair design

Ever wonder what to do with your old soda bottles?


DIY Jeans furniture Chair

Wait!  Don’t throw out those old jeans just yet. You might need them for your TAS entry!

If you are stuck for inspiration check out this board on Pinterest.

We would love to hear about what’s inspiring your chair entry for TAS ( Take a Seat).  Are you activity looking around for a candidate?  Try checking Habit for Humanity,  or look around at home.   Are you picking up remnants, seashells, driftwood?  Do you have odd collections of  old “stuff” just begging to be brought back to life?  Let us in on what’s triggering your creativity! Take a Seat is going to be so much fun.

As always we look forward to hearing from you in the comment section.