One of the most fun events our chapter has had was a “full course” presentation at Miele in Boca Raton, Florida.  We were greeted with a glass of wine and tasty hor d’oeuvres as we entered their beautiful showroom.

The tables were set for dinner.  The Miele sales rep welcomed us and began introducing us to the impressive Miele product line.  It was fascinating.  As we learned about the features and benefits Miele has to offer, we were served a wonderful dinner cooked to perfection right there in the showroom!





Near left, Susan Heller and Marti Evans. Center table: Elizabeth Zecca, Lou and Lynn Sciarrone, Chris Bennett (our webmaster) and Vicki Kirsner, guests Dave and Teresa Gottes. Table on the right: Caroline Rogow, Michael Alexander, Rose and Tom Dougherty. Also attending but not shown are Ted Perrella and wife Cindy, Marsha Koch and two guests.


One of the most amazing things we saw was the giant exhaust hood that can be lowered to provide maximum ventilation and then raised to be out of your sight line.


 Did you know they have a 54″ wide refrigerator? Did you know you can set the temperature in three different zones depending on what you keep in those areas?

For more images of Miele appliances and kitchens go to Google images, Miele Kitchens

Did you also know they have up to a 40″ induction cooktop?  With induction cooking surface is actually the pan. The cooktop transfers the heat to the pan.

They have “speed ovens” that are also  microwave ovens.  These ovens can become steam ovens, perfect for fall of the bone ribs!  Great for steaming vegetables to add layers to soups and other recipes.  It rehydrates rather than reheats.


Taking in all the great information are members Michael Alexander, Bryna Pinksy, Rose Arevalo and Tom Dougherty, Caroline Rogow, Beverly Stewart and Marti Evans.

Miele wine coolers adjust for temperature, and air circulation as well as light.  They have coffee systems with settings for grinding the beans, adding specific milk or cream and sweetners.



Lynn Sciarrone and husband Lou Sciarrone, Chris and Vicki Kirsner, guests Teresa and Dave Gottes, Elizabeth Zecca. At the far table Michael Alexander and Bryna Pinsky

Their dishwashers operate at a whisper and are safe for your fine crystal and silver.  Miele suggest you have two dishwashers, one for heavy duty pots and pans and the other for china and other more delicate items.

They also suggest you put your freezer in the pantry…(should you be so lucky to have a butlers pantry).


Of course no dinner is complete without dessert!

Miele certainly makes cooking a truely enjoyable process.  It seems the food almost cooks itself!

Our thanks to our local Miele showroom for the delicious meal and a delightful event.