Our Florida Chapter Volunteer Day was a great success again this year.  We were thrilled to be able to support our local American Red Cross as hostesses in their 2015 Palm Beach Designer Show House.

This year’s house, built in 1925, is a 7,000 square foot waterfront home located in Lake Worth Florida.  La Florentia was designed by a protege of Addison Mizner, G. Sherman Childs. In 1954 it was given by a man to his wife for her birthday and has been dubbed The Birthday Cake Castle.  Seeing the turrets and thick stucco like icing on a cake it is easy to see how it got its name.   Twently talented Interior Designers transformed the house into a home that is both classic and trendy.  It is filled with touches of the unexpected and intrigue.


IFDA Members Rose Arevalo, Lynn Sciarrone, Vicki Kirsner and Marti Evans arrive a few minutes early to take a quick private tour.

Little did we know what was in store for us in the turret towering above us.

Come along and enjoy some of the highlights and the unexpected in this incredible vintage home.


Sunlight flooded the Loggia through arched French doors.


In contrast to the Loggia the Living Room was more subdued.


The designer added a touch of lavender with a pair of tufted side chairs.


Off the Loggia was an eclectic and comfortable room called The Study.


The Cigar Room with it’s navy blue walls was both intimate and inviting.


The dramatic high ceilings with exposed beams made the kitchen a spectacular space and the floor to ceiling wine room was breathtaking.

We were delighted to meet two of the Interior Designers in person.  As we chatted and sang their praises we also sang the praises of  IFDA and Take a Seat.  Our enthusiasm was contagious and they are not only planning on joining but want to be chair designers as well!


Seen above are Kitchen Designer Melissa Guerra, Chapter President Caroline Rogow, member Vicki Kirsner and the designer of The Powder Room Melody Smith.


Up the back staircase was a charming bedroom with a amazing view. Originally it was the cooks quarters.  The “area rug” is actually a hand painted floor.




This stairway to the turret was so narrow only one person could pass through at a time. An unexpected delightful spot awaited us.


The designer created an exotic retreat with a celestial theme.


This starburst chandelier hung from a beautifully fabricated tented ceiling.

If you have never been in a turret before, well, now you have!


Upstairs was also the original Master Suite.

The Original Master Suite encompassed a wonderful enclosed porch with space for relaxing, playing games, or visiting.




One corner served as a library.


Opposite the bed was a charming fireplace.

Across  the hall was the Master Bath with a dramatic blue lacquer vanity. But that was not the only unexpected surprise.


The countertop is a translucent material. The designer accented it by lighting it from beneath!

There were so many little spaces that could have been easily ignored but the designers did not miss a chance to add their creative touch.


Here is just one area that could have been passed over. The elegant seashell console and mirror make an even bolder statement with the addition of a simple up light placed on the floor.

Perhaps one of the most fun unexpected things was this stained glass window added to replace one of the originals to commemorate the birthday surprise.


Amongst our many highlights was that we got to meet members of the original architect’s family as they toured the home for the first time ever!  We had such fun getting acquainted.  Our group photo with them was the perfect finish to our wonderful day.


Front row, members Marsha Koch, Lynn Sciarrone, Susan Heller, Wanda Godz, Caroline Rogow, and Rose Arevalo. Next to Rose are the granddaughter and husband, of Architect G. Samuel Childs and in the back row are his great grandsons!  (Also volunteering but not seen above are members Vicki Kirsner and Marti Evans.)

For a complete list of the Designers and more information please visit  http://www.redcross.org/news/event/2015-Designers-Show-House