IFDA Florida Take a Seat Committee members, Seat Designers and distinquished guests were privileged to be invited to experience the amazing KidSanctuary Campus in person at a  BBQ and Tour.


Young residents of the Campus gave us a cheerful greeting and served as our gracious guides as we took a look at the three cottages now on campus. The first two are complete and home to twelve beautiful foster girls (six in each cottage).

The Rubin Cottage

The third cottage for boys is scheduled to open in August 2015. KidSanctuary Campus will now be able to accept both brothers and sisters from the same family.


At the entrance to The Boys Cottage are Bob Keesler, and members Carol Teti-Keesler and Beverly Stewart.

The interiors are created by a team of talented interior designers headed by Joe Fava.  We were pleased to meet some of them who were at the BBQ that day.

The walkways to the cottages are paved with bricks with the names of generous donors or those they wish to honor.


We love the inspirational messages that were displayed for all to enjoy.


We couldn’t help feel the positive energy that flows through the cottages.


The girls’ bedroom in Rubin Cottage was cheerful and bright.


These charming beds are in the bedroom for the younger girls.


Each cottage has caring house parents who provide a true family environment. They have a separate wing and the relief parents also have a space of their own like this lovely bedroom.


Butterflies floated along one wall in one of the informal gathering rooms.

In addition to a bountiful buffet, a disc jockey and face painter for the children …look who we had the pleasure of meeting… Ms. Florida!  She was as delightful as she was gorgeous. (News flash…..she just became Ms. United States.)


Above member Leah Keitz FIFDA, Seat Designer Ellie Caimano, member Marsha Koch, Ms. Florida 2015, Celine Pelofi (recently crowned Ms. United States!) Rose Arevalo, members Beverly Stewart, Lynn Sciarrone, TAS Patron Bob Keesler, member Carol Teti-Keesler, member Elizabeth Zecca, Shea Zecca and friend Caroline.


Enjoying the BBQ: member Elizabeth Zecca, Seat Designer Ellie Caimano,  guest Rose Arevalo, in the shadow is member Beverly Stewart, member Leah Keitz FIFDA and her husband, members Jeannie Coppers and Lynn Sciarrone. Also in attendance was member Vicki Kirsner and Chris Bennet, our chapter webmaster,  and Chapter President Caroline Rogow.

Throughout the day there was both laughter and tears as we got to know the children and the house parents who care so much for them.  We were touched and inspired by all we experienced. We are honored to have KidSanctuary Campus as a beneficiary of our signature event, 2015 Take a Seat.  For details go to the Take a Seat tab at the top of the page.

Thank you to President and Founder, Connie Frankino and Executive Director, Marlo Massey for including us in this very special day.



KidSanctuary Campus    provides a home and family environment for children who have been removed from their home because of abuse, abandonment or neglect. The five acre Campus is located right here in Palm Beach County and provides services for children throughout Florida.