Florida Member/ Sponsor Decorative Crafts hosted a champagne reception  at their DCOTA showroom.  They were thrilled  to welcome Connie Frankino, Founder and President of KidSanctuary Campus.and Marlo Massey, Executive Director of KidSanctuary Campus. a beneficiary of this years Take a Seat  Auction. The first three chairs to be auctioned in October 2015 were also on display and the artists were there to introduce them to us.


Artist Monique Lassooij, KidSanctuary Campus Founder and President Connie M. Frankino, KidSanctuary Campus Executive Director Marlo S. Massey and IFDA Florida Take a Seat Co-Chairwoman Beverly Stewart with the first chair to be donated by artist Monique Lassooij.

It is always fascinating to know the inspiration behind the art.  Monique told us a story about her childhood when she was learning to swim and her instructor wanted her to jump off the diving board.  She was terrified!  Her chair depicts a fearful girl in swimming gear poised to jump.  Look closely and you will see her toes on the diving board (seat of the chair).  In fact she chose this chair, which was on its way to the trash, because it reminded her of that diving board!


Take a Seat Co-Chairwoman Beverly Stewart listens to Seat Desgner, artist Leandro Mora.

Artist Leandro Mora described the chairs he designed. The white chair is to be a collaboration with an acclaimed Miami artist who will now paint the chair.  Leandro has  designed the blue chair specifically  for KidSanctuary Campus.  This chair can be taken a part and reassembled as a teaching tool for the children.  He plans to create the chair in other sizes, including  adult and another for small children. We can’t wait to see them!


Showroom manager and hostess for this event, IFDA member Carol Teti Keesler with artist and chair designer Leandro Mora with his two entries into Take a Seat.


Andrea Maxim, 2014 Seat Designer and Beverly Stewart Co-Chairwoman of Take a Seat 2015 with other guests as they chat with Seat Designer Leandro Mora.

There were so many there to celebrate the launch of Take a Seat, to meet the President and Director of KidSanctuary Campus and the incredible artists that created these first contributions to our event we couldn’t fit them all in one photo!


Guests Helena Caplan, Linda Tufo, Andrea Germain, KidSanctuary Campus President and Founder, Connie Frankino, guests Ellie Ciamano, and Bob Keesler, host and IFDA Member and Florida Sponsor,Carol Teti-Keesler, Artist Monique Lassooij, Executive Director of KidSanctuary Marlo Massey, IFDA member and Co-Chairwoman of Take a Seat, Beverly Stewart, Artist Leandaro Maro, IFDA member Marsha Koch, Seat Designer Andrea Maxim and guests, Henri Almanzar, Mario, Bobby Tinoco

Some guests look on as Connie Frankino and Marlo Massey shared the touching story of KidSanctuary Campus.  Connie and Marlo later spoke with each and every guest, answering questions,  sharing more about the valuable work that KidSanctuary Campus does for the children and making sure everyone had information to take home.


Another group photo below shows Bob Keesler with a lampshade on his head, artist Monique Lassooij with a “halo” and artist Leandro Mora surrounded by a “glowing aura”.  All joking aside, it was a truly wonderful event.


And don’t forget to  SAVE THE DATE!  October 10, 2015  6:00 – 8:30   RFA Decor, 150 Yamato Rd. Boca Raton, FL