The amazing KidSanctuary Campus, as a beneficiary of our chapter’s 2nd annual signature Take a Seat event, has become near and dear to our hearts.  We were honored to be invited to the Grand Opening of the cottage for boys, known as Sam’s Cottage.

IFDA KidSanctuary Boys Cottage event photo

IFDA Members and guests joined in the celebration for a  wonderful evening  and the big reveal. Above are President Elect Elizabeth Zecca, Lou Sciarrone, Member Lynn Sciarrone, guest Rose Arevalo,  Member and Co-Chair for Take a Seat,  Beverly Stewart, Member Tom Daughtery, Member Marsha Koch, and Member Vicki Kirsner.

The team of wonderfully talented Interior Designers who created the interiors of Sam’s Cottage was headed by the amazing Joe Fava. Above, Joe along side Marlo Massey, Executive Director on the left and Connie Frankino, Founder of KidSanctuary Campus are thrilled at the home Joe and the other designers created just for boys.

IMG_3381President and Co-Chair for Take a Seat Caroline Rogow with Lynn Sciarrone, Event Chairperson for Take a Seat, pose for the camera.


Interior Designer Alena Capra and Member Vicki Kirsner show off Alena’s beautiful boys’ bedroom.  Walls throughout all the Cottages are filled with inspirational messages like this one.


KidSanctuary Founder Connie Frankino thanks Joe Fava and his team of incredible designers seen below.



Above Marlo Massey, Executive Director, expresses her gratitude to Joe and the Interior Designers that made it all possible.

Here are a few of the rooms they created that will become home to a group of boys and dedicated house parents in the next weeks.

The Patio

The Living Room

Older Boys Bedroom

Younger Boys Bedroom

The “Hang out”

One of the gorgeous bathrooms

House Parents’ Bedroom

The Office

Photo credits for the interiors above go to acclaimed photographer John Stillman. We are delighted that John will also be behind the camera at our Take a Seat events.  For more images and a list of the dedicated designers behind these photos please visit:

The last photo of the office says it all.  This cottage as are all the cottages is created with LOVE.  We look forward to continuing to be involved with KidSanctuary Campus long after the last RAP!! of  Auctioneer’s gavel at our Take a Seat Live Auction on October 10.  What’s next? The Enrichment Center, and IFDA will be there!