The staff at RFA Decor (a Rosenbaum Art Company) did a superb job recieving the amazing one of a kind seats as the creators delivered their submissions for Take a Seat.

The RFA Decor staff assists Laurie Aaron with “Cinderella’s Glass Slipper”


More manpower is needed for this one by Melissa Torres titled “Abby”.


The line up:  Chairs by Steve Grafton, Leandro Mora, Pilar Gray Benitez, and Marsha Koch with Ellie Caimano.


Can you guess how much this entry by Tom Daugherty and Lianne Day weighs?


Jeffery Rogow delivers many of the “seats” which he warehoused in his shop for safekeeping, along with his own called “The O Chair”.


Jeffrey proudly unveils “Dream Keeper Chair” by Caroline Rogow and Elizabeth Zecca.  It’s sentiment is beautiful and it’s secret compartments hide special treasures.


Marti Evan arrives with her chair “The Kiss”.


“The Dancing Ice Cream Chair” by Leah Keitz and Jane Casden gets ready to make her entrance.


Others like “Traveling in All the Right Circles” by Andrea Maxim,  and “GR8SAVE” by Jim and Tony Planamento wait in the wings.


Armand of RFA Decor, at the helm of the dolly, wheels the seats into the gallery.


RFA Decor did an outstanding job of curating all the seats. Look how perfectly these chairs relate to the art.  It was no accident!

Alexandra Karram’s “Passion and Fashion” and Laurie Aaron’s “Cinderella’s Glass Slipper” accessorize  this striking piece of art beautifully.


Great effort went into finding just the right art for each “seat”.  “Champion” by Beverly Stewart and Vicki Kirsner is poised to trot into his barn.


MaiYap’s work of art “Summer Act #23 compliments a bold abstract….or is it the other way around?


“Radiance” by Sarah Zohar glows against a powerful painting.


“Shine Bright in this Royal Throne” by Andy Perez and this pair of dancers are a perfect marriage.


Cash the little poodle tests  “Le Canape Clic-Clac”, a convertible sofa for a pampered pet by Marsha Koch and Ellie Caimano.


Many thanks to RFA Decor and their entire team  who were a big part of making our 2015 Signature Take a Seat Live Auction Gala a huge success!  We could not have done it without you.