Imagination, talent, skill and kind hearts all came together on one night in one place, the IFDA Florida 2015 Signature Take a Seat Live Auction Gala benefitting KidSanctary Campus.

The RFA Decor Showroom in Boca Raton came alive on October 10 with artists, designers, patrons and friends as they gathered to support this extraordinary cause.

Here are some of the talented artisans who gave so generously of their time and talent:

IMG_3993International Interior Designer and Furniture Designer Robert Riondo designed this chair, “The Rio”, with outdoor living in mind.  All fabrics and finishes are water and sun resistent.

IMG_3988Creative Interior Designer Russ Ruffino created this seat. “Time Out for Gilligan”, with business partner Sylvia Wallace of Wallace Style an IFDA Florida Sponsor.

IMG_4006New IFDA members Interior Designer Alicia Kingsley with her chair, “Raw Expression” and Interior Designer Frances Herrera who coincidentally dressed to match Alicia’s chair!

IMG_3990Celebrated Miami Artist Mai Yap poses with her artful chair “Summer Act #23”.

IMG_4004Fort Lauderdale Artist Matthew Donna stands beside “Venus” which was co-created with Interior Designer Charles Bryant.

IMG_4010Miami Furniture Designer Steve Grafton shows off  his colorful “The Great Lakes Chair”.

IMG_3976Interior Designer Laurie Aaron “Cinderella’s Glass Slipper” sparkles with hundreds of crystals placed one by one.

IMG_3980This inventive team headed by Artist Pepe Villegas (center) created the futuristic “The Fortuna Seat…Not the Destination, the Point of Departure”.

IMG_3978Pepe and fellow creator Mark Harrison demonstrate how the seat opens to reveal how the chair takes flight.

IMG_4013Inspired by the children of KidSanctuary Campus “Champion” rode right to our hearts. This vintage carousel horse was upcycled by members Beverly Stewart and Vicki Kirsner.

IMG_4002Member Elizabeth Zecca poses with “Dream Keeper” that conceals special places for secret treasures, co-created with IFDA President Caroline Rogow.

IMG_3986“Le Canape Clic-Clac”, French for convertible sofa, was designed and fabricated by the team of member Marsha Koch and business partner Ellie Caimano for the most pampered pet.

IMG_3974Member Laurie Planamento’s travel inspired suitcase chair and ottoman, “Mina’s Major Assurance” wishing all children a joyful journey.

IMG_3972“GR8SAVE” dedicated to the memory of two young hockey players was made from components of a goalie’s uniform by Jim and Tony Planamento.

IMG_3572Miami Artist Pilar Gray Benitez expressed her talents on “The Cindy Chair”created by Miami Furniture Designer Leandro Mora. Member Marsha Koch joins her.

IMG_3593Inspired by the brilliance of the Florida sun, member Miami Interior Designer Sarah Zohar, sits atop her entry “Radiance”.

Thank you to all the Seat Designers for sharing your extraordinary talent and generosity.  It is because of you that Take a Seat was a huge success.

All the Seat Designer Folios for Take a Seat 2015 will soon be posted on this website.  Click on the Take a Seat tab.

Seat Designers not mentioned in the above are:

Melissa Torres,  Marti Evans,  Elaine Westman, Alexandra Karram,  Frances Herrera,  Wanda Gozdz,  Leandro Mora,  Noel DeBrick, Cathy Pliess,  Monique Lassooij,  Jeff Rogow,  Leah Keitz,  Jane Casden,  Andy Perez,  Lianne Day, Tom Daugherty,  Sonia Lonchamp,  and Andrea Maxim.

Student Seat Designers who all recieved one year IFDA Student Membership: Maria Otalora, John Leon, Olivia Marshall, Courtney Thomas, Torrey Semlow, and Emily Ferry.