Happy New Year IFDA Florida!  Meet your 2016 Board Members as we celebrate our gratitude towards our outgoing President Caroline Rogow and welcome our new President Elizabeth Zecca and bid farewell, but not good bye, to Jeannie Coppers.


Members, guests and sponsors gathered at The Farmer’s Table to ring in the new year and our new Board.


Leah Keitz FIFDA and VP of Education Foundation inspired us with her beautiful description of how our board and membership is like a tapestry.


We each stood as our name was called and we officially assumed our Board positions for 2016.  Then it was time for Past President Beverly Stewart to  express the gratitude we all felt for outgoing President Caroline Rogow.


Under Caroline’s leadership our chapter grew to over 58 members and 14 Florida Sponsors!  We laughed and cried, we were challenged and triumphant, we were touched and inspired, and we connected.  What an amazing two years it was.  Thank you, Caroline!


Joining us were Florida Sponsors, our Webmaster and friends.


Above: Sylvia Wallace VP of Sponsorship and Professional Developement, Leah Keitz, FIFDA, VP of Education Foundation,  Chris Bennett Webmaster, Lynn Sciarrone VP of Events, Marsha Koch VP of Communications and Membership, Vicki Kirsner Secretary, Beverly Stewart VP of Hospitality, Elizabeth Zecca President, Tom Daugherty VP of Awards, Laurie Planamento VP of Social Media, Rose Arevalo, guest and business partner of Tom Daugherty, Caroline Rogow outgoing (in more than one way 🙂 President,  representing Florida Sponsor Allied Kitchen and Bath, Kara Feinberg and Pam Moscowitz.

Also on the 2016 Board are Lauren Roberts VP of Community Development and Ted Perrella, Treasurer.

We also bid a fond farewell to Jeannie Coppers as she prepares to leave for a grand adventure in Australia!  She is now our IFDA Ambassador “Down Under”.  Can a chapter in Australia be in our future?


We will miss Jeannie’s twinkling eyes and bright smile, her positive attitude and willingness.  She was often the first to volunteer.  We cheer you on and will keep you in our hearts.  Safe travels…..see you in Australia!