Our esteemed Leah Keitz, Fellow of the International Furnishings and Design Association, (FIFDA) spoke so eloquently at our recent Installation Dinner, we wanted to share her profound words with you all.  We call it Tapestry:


“We have certainly had an exciting and successful year; one that we should all be proud of.  Once again, it is my honor and pleasure to install the new board of the Florida Chapter of IFDA.  I view this chapter as a beautiful piece of fabric.  The warp and weft of the cloth is woven together beautifully.  Our members are the threads that make up this beautiful cloth. Some of us represent the embellishments, some of us are the fringe and some of us are the strong selvedge.  We are sometimes a smooth knit, sometimes a crisp cotton or linen.  We are definitely warm like wool and are at times, smooth as suede.

The bolt is unrolled from one board to another, planning and executing the exciting job of moving the Florida Chapter forward in excellence.

Thank you to those who are stepping away from their office on our board for all of your time and dedication to this chapter.  We value you and your input and look forward to your continued involvement.

To the new board, let me welcome you.  You are the newest fabric of our chapter and are entrusted with its continued growth and success.

At this time I officially install you as the BOD of the Florida Chapter of IFDA.  2016 will be our best year ever!”


Jeannie Coppers, soon to be establishing a new IFDA chapter in Australia, Sylvia Wallace VP of Sponsorship and Professional Development, Leah Keitz, FIFDA VP of Education Foundation, Lynn Sciarrone VP of Programs, Vicki Kirsner Secretary, Tom Daugherty VP of Awards, Elizabeth Zecca President, Laurie Planamento VP of Social Media and President Elect, Caroline Rogow Outgoing President, Beverly Stewart VP of Hospitality, Marsha Koch VP of Membership and Communications. Not present are Ted Perella Treasurer and Lauren Roberts VP of Community Developement.

Thank you Leah for your inspiring words and for your over 38 years of service to IFDA.  It is a priviledge to have you in our Florida Chapter!