Once again the DCOTA showroom of International Sponsor, The Shade Store, was filled  with good energy as Michelle Luongo of Balanced Living presented an enlightening CEU on Feng Shui.

ifda michelle luongo image

As a recognized Certified Feng Shui Practictioner, Consultant and Educator, Michelle shared many of the intriguing aspects of Feng Shui.

The ancient Chinese believe in the existence of an invisible energy or force called chi. Chi is the “life’s breath” or energy that binds life together. The practice of Feng Shui teaches us how to influence chi and its affect on our daily lives.

Michelle described how the flow of Chi moves throughout a space and showed us how placement of things like furniture can effect that flow, both in positive and negative ways such as the location of a bed in relationship to the door of the room.


She taught us that facing the doorway is a is a position of power or command….you see who is entering the room. In a bedroom you do not want the bed positioned so your feet face the door directly.  But you do want to see your door so opportunities do not pass you by!  Ideally the bed should face the wall where the door is located but not perfectly opposite to it.


Above Florida Chapter members and guests are enthralled with this ancient Chinese philosopy and how it can effect the way we design our home and our client’s home.

Michelle covered many facets in addition to the placement of furniture such as color.  For instance red is a color that promotes excitement.  It represents Fire, one of the five elements of Feng Shui.


There are two kinds of energy, Yin and Yang.  A dining room should be Yin, calm and relaxing, but in the photo above that Michelle showed us, this dining room has bold red chairs.  She cautioned us that this could influence the energy of the room during dinner parties or family gatherings…..and not neccessarily in a positive way!


There was so much to absorb but our CEU attendees were totally absorbed and hurriedly taking notes about the five elements, Earth, Fire, Wood, Metal and Water.  Certain colors and images evoke each element.  The aim is to have a balance of all five in a room.


Michelle also talked about the Bagwua which she shows here laid over the floorplan of a home.  Each area reflects different things like family, prosperity, health, helpful people and more.


There was much to learn and so much more to know, but we left with a bit more knowledge of how these principles can work in our lives to create harmony and balance around us.  It was fascinating!


Above: Members Caroline Rogow, Marsha Koch, and Sylvia Wallace; Julie Cantor, The Shade Store. guest Andrea Maxim, Member Vicki Kirsner, guest Alekander Alembert, Chapter President Elizabeth Zecca, The Shade Store Showroom Manager Carolyn Gardner, CEU Presenter Michelle Luongo, Members Beverly Stewart, Wanda Gozdz, Lynn Sciarrone, and Carol Teti-Keesler. Several other guests and our student member Olivia are not shown.

We are grateful to our IFDA Education Foundation for providing a grant to fund this CEU and to our International Sponsor, The Shade Store for hosting our event.