We are so excited for our Florida Chapter Sponsor Capitol Lighting as they celebrate the grand opening of their newest location in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

Gathered above are Ken and Eric Lebersfeld with Herman and Max Lebersfeld, family and staff.

IFDA Florida Member acclaimed Interior Designer Allison Paladino joined the celebration to introduce us to her fabulous lighting collection for Fine Art Lighting. We were delighted to get to know Allison and the inspiration behind her designs.

Below Interior Designer Frances Herrrera looks on as Allison shows her the collection.


Allison points out some of the incredible details in her chandelier such as the layers of glass with metal chips to catch the light and the tiny LED bulbs.  Can you guess where they are?




They are at the very base and very top of each giant “crystal”.



Above are members Allison Paladino, Carolyn Gardner and Beverly Stewart. Below Allison charms the guests along with  Ken Lebersfeld, CEO of Capitol Lighitng and Eric Lebersfeld,  President of Capitol Lighting.



Above members Lynn Sciarrone, Beverly Stewart, Allison Paladino, Eric Lebersfeld and Leah Keitz FIFDA pose in the spectacular new showroom.


Above member Wand Gozda joins member Elizabeth Zecca, Eric Lebersfeld and a guest. Also attending but not shown are members   Caroline Rogow and  Laurie Planamento.


Ken Lebersfeld, member Marsha Koch and Eric Lebersfeld smile for the camera in front of the new Ft. Lauderdale Capitol Lighting Showroom.

Congratulations to the Lebersfeld family and their all dedicated team at Capitol Lighting on your fabulous new location!