What better way to welcome our long hot summer but to host a Cocktails, Conversation and Connection networking event at Max’s Social House in Delray Beach.


The charming vintage house turned restaurant was the perfect place to gather. We had a great mix of over twenty members and guests.


It was great seeing new members and sponsors like Jayson Friedman (far right) accompanied by two  designers from Chapter Sponsor, Brown’s Interiors, mingle with members Deb Matsunaye, and Carolyn Gardner from IFDA International Platinum Sponsor, The Shade Store.  Guests Alex Hance and Rose Arevalo enjoy mixing with members Bev Stewart, Lynn Sciarrone, Caroline Rogow, and Tom Daugherty.


We were delighted that new members and soon to be Florida Chapter Sponsor Maria and Lope Mendoza of Designer Resource Center connected with guests Rachel and David Font (center) of David Font Design.  You may recognize David as a Season 1 winner of HGTV’s Brother vs Brother and winner of The White Room Challenge.  David is a talented local Landscape Architect and Interior Designer who is on our team of amazing “Seat Designers” for this year’s Take a Seat Signature Fundraiser!  Welcome to both Maria and Lope and Rachel and David.  We are thrilled to have you all part of our IFDA Florida Family!


Also joining in the fun were member Sylvia Wallace, guest Rose Arevalo and member Tom Daugherty who own TSquare Construction also a Chapter Sponsor and guests Jody Smith and Laurie Carny from Brown’s Interiors, a Florida Chapter Sponsor. IMG_5733

One guest who just days later became an IFDA member,  Lori Kasten (far right) from The Closet Factory, also brought her husband Andy.  In the center are members Lynn Sciarrone and Caroline Rogow holding a copy of “Ignite Your Life” a new release and Amazon Best Seller co-authored by member Wanda Gozda, owner of Golden Age Living, a Florida Chapter Sponsor.  Congratulations Wanda!

Thanks to all who turned out to make this summertime social a great success including celebrated author, member Wanda Gozda, member Marsha Koch and guest Kris Nino who all managed to escape the camera’s eye.  Overheard: “This is so much fun, do you do this often?” Stay tuned and check our website Calendar Event often!