We are delighted to announce that Stepanie Ferguson will be one of our Fabulous Five Seat Designers for our 2016 Take a Seat Signature Live Auction Fundraiser at Glamathon presented by Allied Kitchen.Bath.Home. benefiting women battling breast cancer through Broward Health Foundation.

Stephanie Ferguson, owner of SF Designs brings unique sophisticated style and flair of her specialty apparel and accessory designs to home decor. She embraces traditional elegance with exotic influences while bringing fresh contemporary perspective to the simplicity of Coastal Living. Her artwork and approach to interior design have been influenced by time spent in Paris, London and New York as well as seaside villages like Nantucket, Bermuda, Key West, Palm Beach and the Caribbean.


Stephanie shares the legend behind the inspiration of her chair “Oceanus”.

“Oceanus” is a story of rebirth from the great deep. She was discovered by treasure hunters on the ocean floor lying next to her luxury yacht which had been tragically swallowed by the sea. 

As she was tossed about aimlessly, for what seemed like eternity, she would dream of life before the sea gulped her down into this dark, cold place. “Will I ever leave this darkness? Will I ever see the light shine, and hear the birds sing again?”

As the dark time passed “Oceanus” unknowingly gathered the riches from her new surroundings. She became adorned with rare coral and sea fans as well as jewels from her former vessel. The changes to her structure were deeply painful. The changes were frightening. They made her feel unfamiliar and odd.  

IMG_0097 (2)

Yet, when the treasure hunters gathered her morphed, exhausted structure and gently carried her to the surface, they placed her  on the deck of their ship and she began to feel something strange……she felt the sun…..she felt the wind….she took in a deep breath and then it happened…..she heard the song of a bird. “Oceanus” began to remember who she was again!! She could see the reflection of her structure in the ships glass door and was astonished by what was staring back at her! Her revised image told her story. It was different. But, it was somehow so much more meaningful, brilliant and beautiful! It was STRONG! And it shown her true self . She stood on the ships deck for her journey home looking forward to her days in the sun.

Doesn’t this sound like a beautiful metaphor describing the journey of those dealing with breast cancer?

Stay tuned for the “big reveal” of Stephanie’s seat and seats created by our other Fabulous Five. Join us in our effort to “Kiss Breast Cancer Goodbye” at Allied Kitchen.Bath.Home’s new Design Center on October 5, 6-8pm, 3484 NE 12th Ave, Oakland Park, FL. https://www.ifdaflorida.com/tas-2016-save-the-date/

Can’t be there in person but want to contribute? Click here to make your donation today.