Take a Seat 2016 and Florida Chapter Sponsor Allied Kitchen and Bath joined together to raise funds for Glamathon, supporting women battling breast cancer, through Broward Health Foundation.

Take a look at Take a Seat and all those who made it a fabulous and rewarding experience.


The “Fabulous Five” seat designers, (front row)  Guillermo Gonzales and Steve Grafton, Stephanie Ferguson, David Font, (back row) Joe Fava,  and Allison Paladino created one of a kind works of art that were auctioned before an enthusiastic crowd.

All the seats these talented designers created were amazing.


IFDA members, below, Elizabeth Zecca, Lynn Sciarrone and Sylvia Wallace, joined the excitement.


Others attending were members Vicki Kirsner and Beverly Stewart, below.  Not shown are members Wanda Gozdz, Caroline Rogow and Carolyn Gardner.


Bill Feinberg, owner of Allied Kitchen and Bath and IFDA member and Florida Chapter Sponsor served as our fantastic auctioneer.


Below Bill, along with Tammy Gail, President of Glamathon, welcome a crowd of supporters.


Seat Designer David Font of David Font Designs (some of you may recognize him as the winner of the season one HGTV Brother vs Brother competition)  shared the inspiration of his bench, “Down to Earth” which blends design, with art and nature.  As a landscape architect and interior designer David addresses the relationship between exteriors and interiors.



Interior Designer and IFDA member Allison Paladino created “Bonded Together”, a bench made from remnants of exotic woods. Allison has also designed furniture for EJ Victor, a collection for Fine Art Lighting and a line of rugs for New River Artisans


Allison describes how she was inspired by the current times to take wood from many sources and bring them together just as she wishes us all to bond together in peace.


Interior Designer, Joe Fava of Fava Design Group shares his story about “Fric and Frac” a pair of Mid-Century Modern chairs, dedicated to his mother and sister-in-law who are both breast cancer survivors.


Joe selected this pair to redesign as a symbol of healing and new beginnings.


Stepanie Ferguson of Stepanie Ferguson Designs is an artist and designer. She shares the story of her fabulous shell chair, “Oceanus”, who rose from the deep, encrusted with the riches of the sea to shine in the sunlight.  It was like a metaphor for the journey through breast cancer



Designer Guillermo Gonzalez, Director of Product Design and Developement at Grafton Furniture wowed the crowd with his heart shaped settee, “The Theodora Chair” named after the Empress of the Byzantine Empire who was the first known breast cancer patient in 548 AD.


He chose a settee as a place where experiences can be shared. His motto is “Give to live”.


Guillermo is one of the talented team from Grafton Furniture who brought his design to life. Above is owner, and IFDA member, Steve Grafton.(You may have seen Steve on episodes of The Profit.)

Many thanks for the generous donations to the silent auction like this $500 gift certificate from IFDA International Platinum Sponsor The Shade Store.


Thank you Carolyn Gardner, IFDA member and Design Consultant for The Shade Store, for making this donation possible.


Our talented member Leah Keitz FIFDA donated this gorgeous hand made necklace that she designed and created.


There are many people who worked to make this years event a success such as Pam Moscowitz of Allied Kitchen and Bath, seen below on the right.


Below, left, is Kara Feinberg of Allied Kitchen and Bath, who was also a valuable part of the Allied team.


Most of all thank you to all the Feinbergs, especially brothers Joe and Bill for their enegry, enthusiasm and generous spirit.


Below some of the members of our IFDA Take a Seat committee pose with some of the Allied team and Emily of The Glam Squad from Glamathon.


From left to right are members Marsha Koch, Elizabeth Zecca, and Caroline Rogow, Bill and Joe Feinberg, Emily representing The Glam Squad, and Kara Feinberg. Committee members also included Lynn Sciarrone, Vicki Kirsner, Beverly Stewart, Laurie Planamento, Ted Perrella, Carolyn Gardner, Sylvia Wallace, and Leah Keitz FIFDA.

Please enjoy additional scenes from Take a Seat 2017.


Rob Feinberg, on the right, listens as brother Bill shares his enthusiam for their Glamathon event.


Real men do wear pink!


Brothers Bill and Joe Feinberg couldn’t resist a selfie.





Rachel Font shares the spotlight with her talented husband David.


Interior Designer Joe Fava and Bill Feinberg auctioning “Fric and Frac”


As a Community Partner, IFDA Florida Chapter is grateful to all those who turned out to enjoy the excitement and to generously support Allied Kitchen and Bath’s Glamathon.  Thank you for making Take a Seat part of your incredible event this year!