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In celebration of the 70 Year Anniversary of IFDA Members and guests gathered at the Historic Boca Raton Resort and Club for a guided tour of the world famous hotel and beautiful gardens.


Bonnie Dearborn a local historic preservationist and member of the Boca Raton Historical Society, met us in the original lobby of the hotel.


Originally named the Ritz-Carlton Cloister Inn, the hotel was designed and built by famed architect Addison Mizner.  It opened it’s doors in February 1926.  Dubbed Mizner’s Dream, the design was modeled after a Spanish Castle.

The “Society Architect,”  Mizner first designed The Everglades Club in Palm Beach introducing Medeterrean style to all of Florida.  He strived to be the architect for all the homes of the wealthy and famous in Palm Beach.


We discovered that even with well to do financial backers he ran into trouble and to complete the hotel Mizner Industries made most of the furniture even using his own furniture as shown in the main lobby.


The space below was once a ballroom with a retractable ceiling. Now it serves as a casual dining room under a glass ceiling.  When it rains the ribs above catch the water and it drains down through the columns.


Can you guess what was once housed in this room?  An indoor swimming pool which was seldom used is now below the floor of this gathering space.


The grounds were equally impressive.  Secluded palm lined walkways lead from one part of the compound to another.  The hurricane of 1927 along with other setbacks was the end of the Mizner’s Dream and it was sold to the first of several owners….and the first one painted his buildings pink which soon became a signature of “Mizner” designs.


This giant Kapok tree with it’s spikey bark and massive trunk was impressive!


We continued our celebration with a light lunch at a local gourmet market where guests were told the story of IFDA and Leah Keitz shared information about the Education Foundation because this was also a fundraiser for EF.


Vicki Kirsner and her guests raised a glass to toast this momentous occasion!


Happy 70th Anniversay IFDA!


Thank you to our members and guests who made our celebration even more special.


Member Rose Arevalo, guest, Member Leah Keitz FIFDA


Far right is Member Beverly Stuart and her guests.


Members Vicki Kirsner, Terri Chetek, Beverly Stewart and Rose Arevalo


Far right, Marsha Koch and her guests.

John Stillman at Boca Hotel IMG_2508

Many thanks to our fabulous talented photographer, Member John Stillman, for all the great photos that captured this fun day.