Members and guests came together at The Benzaiten Center for Creative Arts to honor Myra Schwartz FIFDA and support The Myra Schwartz Fund.

Before our live glass blowing demonstration we gathered in the gallery shop for an introduction to the Center, surrounded by gorgeous art both in glass and on canvas.

A balmy breeze kept us cool.  The oven was fired up and ready to go! We had no idea what a treat we were in for.

               Artist and Glass Studio Manager, David Peterson and his assistant began.

This would be the first of many times that the molten glass ball would be inserted into the oven.  The process continued.  Each time subtle changes occurred.

                                    It was mesmerizing to see the red hot glow of the oven.

A wet cloth was applied to cool the ball creating a blast of steam.  The globe of glass grew bigger and bigger.  Careful team work was necessary to form the glass into it’s end result.

It was incredible to witness one small sphere of liquid glass transformed into a beautiful large glass charger right before our eyes.

Above are members Lynn Sciarrone, Susan Heller, Marsha Koch, Myra’s daughter Sheryl Martin, The artist and his assistant our, many guests, and members Beverly Schwartz, Terri Chetek, and Vicki Kirsner.

After the demonstration we had a short drive to the lovely Beach Club located on a golf course beside the Intracoastal Waterway for lunch.

Leah Keitz FIFDA and Beverly Stewart, both long time friends of Myra spoke a few words to let us know how special Myra was and how committed she was to helping IFDA thrive both in Florida and Nationally.

Thank you to all who turned out support The Myra Schwartz Fund and to honor this incredible woman who will long be remembered for her dedication, vivacious energy and heartwarming smile!

In loving memory, Myra Schwartz