What Is the IFDA?

The International Furnishings and Design Association is a worldwide professional alliance of leaders representing the diverse industries that constitute the universe of residential and commercial furnishings and design.

Founded in 1947, our members are executives of companies that manufacture, distribute, design, write about or sell floor coverings, lighting, decorative fabrics, accessories and building products. Others are engaged in graphic, residential and contract design, education, publishing, licensing, marketing, and communications.

This scope is what makes IFDA and the benefits of membership totally unique. View the list of IFDA Member Benefits on the Membership Page. For more information on IFDA, visit our Headquarters’ website at www.ifda.com.


Mission Statement

The International Furnishings and Design Association (IFDA) is one of the only all-industry association whose members provide services and products to the furnishings and design industry. IFDA is the driving force, through its programs and services, to enhance the professionalism and stature of the industry worldwide. The IFDA promotes a collective collaboration amongst furnishings and design industry professionals by informing, educating, and sharing relationships within our industry. We strive to encourage member contributions that serve our community and support each other. We provide our members with the resources and opportunities for professional growth and success.


Core Values

IFDA promotes open sharing, mutual respect, community service, education, industry partnerships, and ethical practices.


Vision Statement

The IFDA is a design industry leader with a vision to passionately encourage professional development of our members in the furnishings and design world, inspiring them to fulfill their ambitions and instill the confidence to assure success. We seek to expand and elevate the influence and stature of the IFDA and our members.


Should I Join the IFDA Florida Chapter?

One of the wonderful things about the IFDA is the diversity of industries in our membership. By bringing together professionals with many different talents we have a natural synergy between our members. This translates to more referral business and opportunities for learning and professional growth.

We encourage you to contact us about membership if you or your business focus on residential or commercial:

  • interior design
  • architecture
  • furniture
  • accessories
  • finishes
  • fixtures
  • lighting
  • art
  • construction
  • organizing
  • audio/visual/media
  • window coverings
  • draperies
  • fabric/upholstery
  • photography
  • landscape design