Date: April 6, 2020

Please note that all events are cancelled until further notice.

Date: March 20, 2020

To our Valued IFDA Florida Members:

First, I want to explain why you are getting events e-blasts and that is simply because we do not know when we can go back to our “new normal.” Since one event is mid- April, the other is late April, and there are high hopes that we can be functioning again by then, I am simply monitoring things day by day. One or both can be easily cancelled fairly last minute. That is why you continue to see the e-blasts. And, believe it or not, people are signing up with the same hopes as me. I promise to continue to monitor things and keep everyone up to date.

Second, I was feeling left out from the hundreds of Covid- 19 emails that I have received and decided I wanted to write one of my own. 🙂   All kidding aside, I do want to address this surreal situation we find ourselves in. I highly doubt that any of us expected to see something like this in our lifetime; yet we have no choice but to adhere to the drastic changes at hand.

I always say collaboration over competition within this organization. It is one of the things that makes our group so special. I know these times are taxing and the IFDA Florida board is here for you. We would love to know the ways in which you are coping with this, how it is affecting your business, what we can do to help you, what we can all do to help each other, and to remind you all that you are not alone.

A crisis of this magnitude can transform society in dramatic ways, for better or for worse. I truly hope that this will make us better. It’s a forced reminder to pause, to reflect, and to think of what we can do different when we come out of this. Change is scary, illness is scary, but we have a choice on how to navigate this moving forward.

All the things that make our design industry wonderful still exist. Let’s continue to support each other. We are all moving at such a fast pace, and this is halting us in our tracks. If we do not take the lessons available through this, then we have lost out on an important opportunity amidst the darkness. Appreciate your loved ones, appreciate the down time, the walks in nature, the simple pleasures….all the things we typically lose sight of in this hectic life.

I firmly believe that our design community and our world will overcome this very difficult time. If something like this doesn’t unify us as individuals, as a nation, or as a world, we are truly in trouble. I wish all of you good health, safety, love, and support during these scary moments. In closing, remember to:

– Wash those hands
– Be Kind
– Be Patient
– Act Socially Responsible
– Follow the CDC Guidelines
– Don’t Hoard Supplies
– Help Someone In Need

And when you are done with all of that,

– Wash your hands again 🙂 And apply lotion! (My hands are like lizard skin at this point!)

Sending virtual hugs to all of you.

With Love,

Michelle Castagna
President, IFDA Florida